Our firm has extensive experience in cases related to the Reorganization of Florida Statutes. We advise you not to continue the relocation of a minor child without first receiving appropriate legal advice to avoid negative consequences. In addition, we are competent and able to represent the relocation of a minor child or to oppose the relocation of a minor child. Please contact our company for advice on moving your child. Thus, the transfer of the child, without following the requirements of the status of the Florida restructuring, could lead the moving parent to lose custody of that child. Depending on Florida`s relocation status, a parent who wishes to source a minor can do so in two ways: if the relationship between parents deteriorates and leads to a custody dispute, there are many reasons why the custodial parent wishes to move. A parent may have to move to obtain a career, family support, educational opportunities and other legitimate justifications. If a parent moves, the move may have a negative impact on the shelf life or visit of the abandoned parent. If a non-restorative party objects to a transfer or change to its custody plan, it must file in court the sworn insurance in which it states its objection within thirty (30) days after receiving notification of the relocation proposal. They must also submit a copy of their objection to the relocation party. The consequences of not complying with these requirements are serious, because if a party does not present objections in time, it is generally prevented from opposing relocation. Many parents are not aware of this rule or do not know how to meet all the requirements.

This article helps you get down to business. Florida Relocation Statute is the Florida law that rehabilitates parents with respect to the removal of children`s orientation if they do not have a court decision or judgment clearly dealing with the relocation of a minor child, and also provides for serious penalties for parents already subject to a court decision or judgment setting out a time allocation plan , a parent plan or child care, but the parent transfers the minor child without first following certain actions or requirements. Florida`s moving status is under title VI: Civil Practice and Procedure, Florida Statutese`s Chapter 61`s “Dissolution of Marriage; Assistance The sharing of time.”