22. INTÉGRATION This agreement constitutes the full understanding of the contracting parties and withdraws and replaces all previous agreements between the parties and is intended to be the definitive expression of their agreement. It is amended or amended only if it is signed in writing by the parties and specifically refers to this agreement. This agreement prevails over all other documents that may conflict with this agreement. This describes the area of eography in which the parties fulfill their obligations, as well as their rights under the agreement. It can be a country, a state, a city or the whole world. This clause stipulates that, if there is external pressure, the parties are free of their rights and commitments. This external pressure includes God`s law, war, terrorist attacks, etc. If force majeure is extended for a certain period of time, both parties have the right to terminate their contract. www.eloquens.com/tool/LBVHpA/legal/intellectual-property-ip-assignment-agreements/celebrity-endorsement-agreement-template This clause states that if disputes arising from the agreement arise, the parties will resolve the dispute between them.

Some common disputes that resolve disputes are arbitration (to settle the dispute by a designated third party), mediation (a person who resolves the dispute through the intervention of both parties) and mediation (which helps the party to compromise between them). However, if the party violates the sleep agreement, the other party may terminate the contract. This usually occurs when the company does not make payment on time or the celebrity does not provide properly or to the satisfaction of the company. Illustration- There are two parts `A` and `B`. “A” is the company and “B” is the celebrity. “A” uses the name and identity or signature of “B” without the prior consent of “B,” then “A” used the intellectual property of “B” or “B” without the consent of “A,” and then “B” violated “A”`s intellectual property. In the event of a breach of the Endorsement agreement, both parties have the right to terminate the contract. If a company does not meet the terms of the contract, the Endorser may terminate the contract or initiate proceedings against the company. If the Endorser does not meet the terms of the contract, the company may terminate the contract.

It is the duty of the celebrity to agree not to take or take actions or behaviours in the territory that would lose their character, reputation and work culture. Celebrity should confirm that the product and services must be original and not violate the intellectual property of third parties. The celebrity must undertake not to participate in other activities that would damage the goodwill and reputation of the company during the term of the contract and 12 months after the termination date. It is the celebrity`s duty to agree that the company is authorized to use.