The architect uses all the appropriate skills to obtain estimates of the cost and time of the work that contractors must perform for the purpose of tendering in the absence of a volume meter order. However, the architect is in no way responsible for the inaccuracies in the estimates thus given. Neither the client nor the architect can surrender or transfer this contract without the written consent of the other. Consent to the assignment is not unreasonably accepted. The contractor will assign a prime contractor, as part of a separate agreement, to carry out work or other work related to the project. The owner is the owner and not the architect, responsible for the operations and methods of the contractor and the proper execution of the work. All remuneration, CPF contributions and all other amounts payable for all resident employees, including a resident architect detached from a project, are paid by the client without delay on due dates, in accordance with the previous agreement. Any difference or dispute between the client and the architect is referred to an arbitration proceeding by a person to be agreed between the parties, or to a non-associable agreement within fourteen days after one of the other parties has received a written request for the appointment of an arbitrator, from a person appointed by the President of the Singapore Institute of Architects at the request of the parties , gave. In addition to the aforementioned basic benefits, the architect`s additional benefits are subject to a separate additional fee to be paid to the architect. This amount of additional costs is made by mutual agreement between the client and the architect or, where rates or other fees are indicated and agreed, these additional costs are based on the time spent on the architect`s staff and calculated according to the schedule of the agreement.

, are considered additional services: (a) the development and completion of drawings, specifications and other documents necessary to establish parts lists by a volume indicator designated for the project; The fee for basic services does not include royalties for work normally performed by volume surveyors, construction, construction, construction, mechanical or electrical engineering engineers, or for the work of other specialized advisors.