30 54 Appendix A Appendix A Section 5 Freight and Postal Services Freight and Mail Services General (a) Supply (b) Supply of handling and staging equipment f (1) General Cargo (2) Special shipments (3) Specialized freight products (4) Post office (c) ste cargo (d) take appropriate measures to fly: In case of cargo and/or mail damage (a) Supply (b) Equipment (1) General Cargo (2) Special Shipments (3) Specialized Freight Products (4) Mail (a) Supply (b) Assistance (b) Handling Services f: (1) General Cargo (2) Special Shipments (3) Specialized Freight Products (4) Post Office (5) Diplomatic Post (6) Diplomatic Mail (7) Company Courier (a) Monit Freight Delivery Received (b) in order to fly unauthised use of , damage pallets, containers, nets, straps, tie rings and other materials under the care of the Handling Company. Immediately notify the carrier of the damage caused by the loss of these objects. 5.2 Customs Control Preparation of customs documentation f: a) Incoming freight (b) Outbound freight (c) Shipment received clearance: a) Anbound Cargo (b) Transport of goods under customs control f: a) Inbound freight (b) Outbound freight (c) Loading goods to customs, f Physical inspection of cargo. 5.3 Irregularities Management of irregularities Immediate measures regarding irregularities, non-processing of dangerous goods and other special shipments Rept to the airline all irregularities detected in handling lost cargo, found and damaged cargo (a) inform the airline of claims and claims (b) take action if the recipient refuses to accept and pay. 5.4 Document Management (a) Preparing the Air Transport Letter (b) Check all documents to ensure that the shipment can be transported. Rates charged are not included in the control. (c) Receive capacity/infmation reservation for airline flights. d) aerial letter. Applying copies of manifests and air transport letters to the carrier. e) Freight Manifest (e) (f) Prepare the loading control unit with a special load notification. (g) if applicable, the copy of the air letter to the sender, ending with flight data. SGHA 2004 15 24 Main Agreement Main Agreement Article 3 Service subcontracting The Handling Company has the right to delegate all services agreed to subcontract, with the consent of the carrier, whose consent is not unduly retained.

It goes without saying that, in this case, the Handling Company is nevertheless responsible to the carrier for the proper provision of these services, as if they had been performed by the Handling Company itself.