These collective agreements are proposed on the Internet to simplify and improve accessibility. Everything has been done to verify accuracy and consistency with the official printed version. If there is a discrepancy between the two, the official print version is checked. The union and the state had controversial negotiations in the previous two rounds. The current two-year contract was turned over to mediation in 2018 after the union had to oppose Vermont Labor Relations` re-issue of the contract. On August 31, 2018, the Vermont Supreme Court upheld Vermont`s interpretation of a collective agreement between the State of Vermont and the Vermont State Employee`s Association. In re Grievance of Kobe Kelley, 2018 VT 94. The issue was whether, in 1999, a change in the family leave provisions limited a worker`s right to use more than six weeks of paid sick leave during family leave due to the worker`s serious illness. The Supreme Court upheld the House`s conclusion that, although the parties` collective agreement is contrary to the relevant leave provisions and, therefore, is not clear, evidence of the circumstances of the contract negotiation showed that the parties did not intend to limit the use of accumulated sick leave. Doug Gibson, the union`s communications director, said the VSEA had not yet set a date for the ratification vote, but would soon hold briefings to answer staff questions about the proposed contract. The Scott administration and the Vermont State Employees` Association have reached an interim agreement on a two-year contract covering the majority of management employees. Human Resources Commissioner Beth Fastiggi said she was “very grateful for the negotiating teams and for their good negotiating efforts.” Exacerbated differences of opinion on wages and health care, the neutral status of one of the board members, Karen O`Neill, has been called into question. The board of directors is made up of two union representatives, two from the administration and two who are neutral.

The three bargaining units contained in the contract are the control, correction and non-management units, which essentially involve all rank and file officials and their leaders.