In Zoho People, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between the management teams (human resources or administration) and the end user that defines the expected level of service. Allows you to set the resolution time for incoming requirements. Find out immediately that the requirement will be closed if it is not resolved in time. Always maintain your service level agreement with the set dissolution time. Once an ALS has been triggered in this case, a timer begins when a query is triggered in the asset category, and becomes visible next to the capital. . Within each ALS, you can create up to 5 climbing levels. Climbing can take place on many levels. If.B a problem is not resolved, a chief developer is notified in two hours, a technical director in four hours and the project manager in six hours. You can also specify which actions to execute at each of these levels.

Keep your customers informed of the progress of errors using email notifications that trigger when certain pre-defined conditions are met. Let them be sure that errors are dealt with in the best way possible. The timer can be stopped if the SLA response does not have a request response. A service level contract is a contract in which the level of service you provide is defined by rules such as “a critical issue must be resolved in so many hours.” Make sure that this contract will never be violated by creating “escalations” that you warn in time. You can also automate actions, for example. B assign the unresolved problem to a developer with special experience. Also degenerates for a single requirement if it is not met during the settlement period. You become one of the four hierarchical levels. With this effective climb, you can easily maintain SLA compliance.

Zoho Desk is equipped with smart automation and ALS rules to help you run your support service more efficiently. Service level agreements are contracts that are made between you and your customers about the level of service you perform, setting rules that say, “This critical error needs to be corrected in so many hours.” Set up different climbing levels to make sure this contract will never be breached and automate certain actions at each step, z.B. to re-assign the error to a lead developer. Let`s look at an example of ALS for asset queries. To create a new ALS, degenerate SLAs can be displayed in cases > seen > case of escalation. The timer gives an accurate indication of the time that has been taken and if there are delays or if a case is completed before closing time.